Innovative Startup: A TV Social Network

GetGlue is an entertainment-based social networking website for mobile devices.Users check-in and share what they are watching, listening to and reading with friends; get fresh recommendations, exclusive stickers, discounts and other rewards from their favorite shows and movies.

GetGlue is a recognized leader in social television and second screen applications. GetGlue has 2M users that checked-in over 100M times in 2011. 75 major networks and 10 movie studios use GetGlue to promote their shows and movies to fans.

Based in NYC, GetGlue has received funding from Union Square Ventures, RRE Ventures, Time Warner, Rho Ventures, and a number of prominent angel investors.

Key Highlights of the IPad App

– A personalized guide for TV, movies, and sports based on what you like.
– Get recommendations for shows you’ll want to start watching.
– Check-in and chat with friends and fans while you watch.

Download the IPad App here


















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