Spike in social media activities during 2012 London Olympics

The 2012 London Olympics saw a huge amount of social media activity. According to data from Wildfire, the social media fanbase for Olympic athletes saw a great increase since the beginning of the 2012 Games. During the games the athlete Facebook pages saw a 29% increase in their fanbase, with 85 pages at least doubling the fan exposure.

The data reveals that, the performance growth of Olympic athletes’ pages is significantly higher than in other international sports/events. Fan pages of Olympic athletes saw a seven times higher growth than the growth of fan pages for UEFA Euro Championship and five times higher than that of athletes in the Tour de France.

Apart from this, data from Infolinks reveals how users searched for Olympic athletes and information during the Games. The term ‘london olympics opening ceremony time’ accounted for 38% of the searches during the opening ceremonies, followed by ‘James Bond and Queen of England’ (18%) and ‘Olympic Rings Meaning’ (16%).


via: bizreport

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  1. Mayur Milan says:

    Yes, Olympics was a time for brands to engage users differently. With London 2012 being the first truly social Olympics, there was lot at stake.

    Have a read to this article, which talks about how the two were used: http://windchimes.co.in/blog/2012/08/the-mighty-olympian-social-network/

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