Report: Most talked about Brand in Social Media: Samsung vs Apple, Sony Vs Nokia

Simplify360, the leading Social Media Management application for Social Business Analytics and Multichannel Engagement has launched a report on major consumer durables brands – Samsung and Sony.

The Consumer Electronics industry is highly dynamic and fast-changing, fuelled by rapid innovations and technological changes. Market research shows that the top ten players contribute to approximately 52% of the total market size. The industry has certainly seen the  rise and fall of many companies.

“This report is an analysis to understand where SONY stands as compared to SAMSUNG and to identify the trends among the two brands. The product categories which we are looking at are smartphones and tablets” said Deep Sherchan, CMO, Simplify360.

Some key findings:

■    The general industry buzz of Consumer Electronics brands is pretty high with an average of 24K mentions per day.

■    People usually share their reviews and experiences with the products. They also provide information to prospective customers.

■    SAMSUNG has 60% more conversations than SONY, which depicts the struggling brands.

■    In terms of benchmarking, SONY is way below SAMSUNG and closely associated with NOKIA.

■    The analysis shows a price sensitive audience who are actively seeking out information for their new devices and keenly following the trends in the new product launches and price drops.

Based on the occurrence of other brands in the conversations about SONY and SAMSUNG, we see Samsung is mostly compared with Apple, while Sony is compared with Nokia. This is an interesting finding, and shows how Samsung has emerged from the clutter of non-Apple product companies.

Samsung has overpowered the mighty Sony, and is seen as a major threat to Apple. This is happening while Samsung is simultaneously one of the major component suppliers for Apple.

Samsung’s bid on adopting Android as its major mobile platform has paid off. They have higher Brand Loyalty and are perceived as better in design too.

The Original Report is below :

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