Innovation: Facebook Check-ins Get A Facelift with Facedeals,Check-in with your Face

Facebook check-ins are a powerful mechanism for businesses to deliver discounts to loyal customers, yet few businesses—and fewer customers—have realized it.

How does it work?

Facial recognition cameras are installed at local businesses. These cameras recognize your face when you pass by, then check you in at the location. Simultaneously, your smartphone notifies you of a customized deal based on your Like history. Fantastic tool.

See the video

The Technology

The check-in app must be authorized via a Facebook account. With the users help, the app verifies his/hers most recent photo tags, using those to map the physical appearance of the usres face. The custom-developed cameras then simply use this existing data to identify the user in the real world. Personalized deals can then be delivered to his/her smartphone from all participating locations—all he/she have to do is show his/her face.

The cameras are standalone devices developed around open source technologies including Raspberry Pi, Arduino, OpenCV and the Facebook Graph API. They can be configured remotely and only require a standard 110 volt wall outlet and a wifi connection.

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[Via: Facedeals ]

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