Apple & Android account for 85% of Global Smartphone market

According to a recent report by IDC, smartphones powered by Android or Apple software accounted for around 85 per cent of the global market in Q2 of 2012. As per IDC analyst Kevin Restivo, “The mobile OS (operating system) market is now unquestionably a two-horse race due to the dominance of Android and iOS. There is still room for some mobile OS competitors to gain share, although such efforts will become increasingly difficult as smartphone penetration increases.”

In Q2, Google-backed Android accounted for almost 68.1 percent of all smartphone shipments, while BlackBerry and Symbian shares went down to 4.8 and 4.4 per cent respectively. According to another IDC analyst Ramon Llamas,”Android continues to fire on all cylinders. Android smartphone prices were well within reach to meet multiple budgetary needs, and the user experience from both Google and its handset partners boosted Android smartphones’ utility far beyond simple telephony.”

As per the report, electronics giant Samsung has been responsible for Android’s success in the market, which so far this year has made 44 per cent of all shipped smartphones powered by Google-backed Android software.

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