Increase in Global Mobile Search during London 2012 Olympics

A recent analysis by Google Researcher revealed that there’s been a sharp spike in the usage of smartphones and tablets during the first two days of London 2012 Olympics. Users are searching for information about athletes, sports, events and records –  on their tablets and smartphones. In its first week, Olympics related searches on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) grew by 10x from the previous week.

According to the report, searches for Paul McCartney surge in line with his performance of Hey Jude at the end of the opening ceremony. European countries saw a very high mobile search volume with most countries having one-third or more of their Olympics-related searches occurring on a tablet or smartphone. In the UK, 46% of Olympics searches happened on mobile, while Japan experienced a 55% mobile search volume, followed by Australia, South Korea and New Zealand with 45%, 36% and 27% respectively.

In the infographic below, you can see details on the percentage of total searches that occurred on smartphones and tablets during the first two days of the Games, for Olympics-related searches.

via: dazeinfo

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