Samsung launches Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung Electronics has launched the Galaxy Note 10.1, a super-size version of its Galaxy Note smartphone. The Galaxy Note 10.1, which went on sale on Monday in Germany and the United Arab Emirates, is almost twice as wide as its predecessor and is almost the size of a tablet.

The Galaxy Note 10.1 is powered by Google’s android software and has a quad-core Exynos processor that allows users to run multiple applications at a faster speed than the previous version. It features a touchscreen which is 10.1-inches (25.6 centimetres) measured diagonally, considerably wider than the 5.3-inch screen of the previous Note. Users can write notes or draw on the screen with the help of a stylus called the “S pen”. The new version allows users to split the screen in half to view two programs at once.

In a statement, JK Shin, the chief of Samsung’s mobile unit, said, “The advanced technology and features included in Galaxy Note 10.1 give users the power to produce, create and customize communications”.

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