By the end of 2012 , Smartphones to surpass feature phones

According to a recent report released by Comscore, nearly half of feature phone subscribers who acquired a device during April 2012 switched to a smartphone. This reflects a 9.5 percent increase compared to previous year, as smartphone adoption continues its upward climb in the U.S.

Mark Donovan, ComScore SVP of Mobile, said,”The growing number of smartphones available to consumers, accompanied by the decrease in price points and surge in mobile media content, have made smartphone ownership possible and desirable for many more Americans. Within the year, we expect to see smartphone owners become the mobile majority, a milestone that represents not only the evolution of the mobile landscape but highlights the enormous potential for marketers as these powerful, ubiquitous devices open new opportunities to reach a growing audience of consumers.”

61.5 percent of feature phone subscribers opted for a Google Android device, while 25.2 percent acquired an Apple device. Devices operating on the Microsoft platform accounted for 7.1 percent of acquired smartphones, while RIM represented 4.8 percent. In comparison, among existing smartphone subscribers that acquired a new smartphone device in the past month, 54.2 percent chose Android devices while 33.5 percent preferred Apple devices. RIM accounted for 9.6 percent of acquired devices, while Microsoft represented 3.0 percent.

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