GUNNAR Optiks Computer Eyewear to Launch Nationwide in India

GUNNAR Optiks has partnered with Sparen International to distribute the former company’s eyewear to consumer electronics retailers in India. Through this agreement, for the first time a technology eyewear solution will become available nationwide in the country. This would include GUNNAR’s Advanced Computer Eyewear and Advanced Gaming Eyewear lines. Consumers will be able to purchase GUNNAR Optiks eyewear in August 2012.

The American Optometric Association has identified that 80% of workers in the United States of America, approximately 125 million people and experience negative effects from prolonged viewing of computer screens. Developed and tested in partnership with the leader in optical technology, Carl Zeiss Vision, GUNNAR’s highly specialized lenses help alleviate the negative effects of digital eyestrain. As India’s citizens experience the same trends in increased daily computer use, they now have a proven solution to prevent computer vision syndrome and digital eye fatigue.

GUNNAR Optiks offers high-tech eyewear designed to protect, enhance and optimize vision while viewing a digital screen. GUNNAR’s i-AMP lens technology is comprised of proprietary lens material in an advanced shape, finished with custom formulated lens tints and coatings specifically engineered to reduce digital eye strain by improving contrast, comfort, and focus while minimizing eye fatigue and visual stress.

Lens Tint [IONIK] – IONIK lens tints improve overall contrast and comfort by filtering out harsh, artificial, high-intensity light.

Lens Shape [FRACTYL] – FRACTYL lens shape improves efficiency of the eye, enhances detail and eases eye strain through advanced focusing power. A highly wrapped lens design limits air currents and protects tear film during digital viewing where dry eye syndrome is common.

Lens Material [DIAMIX] – The patented lens material is optically pure, ensuring the clearest image while eliminating distortion caused by impurities and haze, comprised of lightweight materials for long-haul ergonomics.

Lens Coatings [IFi & IFi Pro] – The anti-reflective lens coatings are designed to reduce glare and reflections while protecting the lens.

Frame [eFit] – Designed with long haul visual ergonomics in mind, the lens and frame solution is constructed with lightweight and durable magnesium alloy materials, yet durable materials available. With adjustable nose pads and an ergonomically friendly fit, GUNNAR eyewear delivers both comfort and style.

20/20 and Rx: Ready-to-wear for users with 20/20 vision or corrective contact lenses; custom prescription available through GUNNAR’s prescription lens program.

Rob Aarnes, President of GUNNAR Optiks, said,”We’re extremely passionate about what we do, and we’ll never stop perfecting our product or continuing to establish GUNNAR’s global leadership position in this space. To date, we’ve developed the best lens concept in the world for this application and are excited to be working with a premier partner like Sparen International in a collaborative effort to bring GUNNAR’s innovative line of Technology Eyewear to the people of India.”

In addition to India, GUNNAR Optiks is globally distributed in over 20 countries, including China, HongKong, Russia, Singapore, Australia, Scandinavia, South Africa, and Canada, with pending distribution partnerships in Mexico, Korea, United Kingdom & other parts of Latin America, Asia & Europe.

About GUNNAR Optiks:

Founded in 2006, GUNNAR Optiks, LLC designs and engineers Advanced Computer Eyewear and Advanced Gaming Eyewear to protect and enhance vision using revolutionary technology solutions. GUNNAR introduced the Technology Eyewear category in 2008 and pioneered eyewear to combat eye strain associated with long-term viewing of digital screens.

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