Mogae Media launches Mobiwise

Mogae Media has launched Mobiwise, a specialist mobile planning unit focused on SEO (search engine optimisation) and SEM (search engine marketing). The Mobiwise unit will be based at the Gurgaon headquarters of Mogae.

Since mobile websites contain less content in comparison to desktop websites, the SEO methods for mobile websites differ too. Mobiwise aims to provide a balanced approach to SEO and pay-per click (PPC) advertising on mobile devices. It gives an in-depth understanding of how the user behavior differs on the handheld devices from PC browsing and provides effective SEO for mobile sites. Mobiwise aims at ensuring that a Client’s business is found by users of the latest phones, tablets and other devices. Through its mobile pay-per click and pay-per call advertising services, Mobiwise ensures that the client ads reach out to the potential customers even when they are browsing the internet away from their home or office.

Commenting on the launch, Tanya Goyal, executive director, Mogae Group said, “In the recent years, a massive surge in the use of smartphones and now tablets has made it essential to adapt your web pages to meet the needs of their users. In particular, the web pages should be optimised for search on these platforms, so you reach your audience that is today typically mobile, business oriented and mostly affluent”. She further added,” At Mogae Media, we are trying to provide single window solutions for the mobile medium. We believe the market is close to an explosive inflection point. Mogae, with Mobocracy and Mobiwise, will be in the forefront of mobile communication”.

via: afaqs

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