TeleDNA Launches M2M Platform to drive change in the Mobile VAS ecosystem

With telecom industry going through significant changes, all the key players in the Mobile VAS ecosystem are looking for efficient ways of dealing with the changes. The advances in network technology has thrown open a huge opportunity for utilizing the increased bandwidth for business applications. With advances in consumer device technology making them cheaper and widely available, the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications are poised to harness the higher bandwidth availability from 3G/4G/LTE networks.

The advances in application service hosting and cloud computing technologies provide a perfect model to use in order to achieve the above goals. The need of the hour is to enable an efficient service delivery ecosystem that will facilitate shorter concept-to-market timeframe for M2M applications and services. In addition there is a need for reduced capital/operational expense and improved margins for all players in the ecosystem.TeleDNA offers an M2M platform “TeleDNA M2M Platform” that enables reduction inconcept-to-market timeframe for M2M applications and services while significantly reducing the cost of delivering these services for the telecom operators and application providers.

The key business services offered in TeleDNA’s M2M Platform are:

·        Application Development Platform

·        Application integration and management platform

·        Service life-cycle management

·        Application repository

The TeleDNA M2M platform is offered in two models including,Operator hosted and TeleDNA hosted. TeleDNA hosts the M2M platform exclusively for a Telecom operator for its own use with the partners and subscribers.

Speaking about the M2M application, Mr. Udit Shanker, CEO of TeleDNA said, “All players in the MM ecosystem will benefit as there will be reduction of concept –to-market timeframe for M2M applications and services. “He also said that, “this will enable all the players in the M2M ecosystem to monetize on the new network investments and new M2M business opportunities.”


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