Google to launch its own tablet

Barely a week after Microsoft unveiled Surface, Google has announced that it will be launching its tablet on June 27 at Google I/O, the company’s annual event for developers. Google’s tablet is likely to be branded Nexus so that it can complement the company’s Nexus phones and  will have a screen size of 7-inches . Google is also hoping to take on Amazon with its tablet.

Although Google is already competing with Apple  through its Android operating software in the smartphone market, it hasn’t been able to make much difference in the iPad market. According to latest figures by IDC, Samsung, which is Google’s biggest hardware partner , had a global share of just 5.8% in the tablet market as against Apple’s 54.7% in Q4, 2011.

Commenting on this announcement, Vishal Tripathi , a principal analyst with Gartner said,” Android tablets have so far failed to match iPad in terms of user experience. Apple has built a superior ecosystem around its tablet. With its tablet, Google is hoping it will be able to offer better user experience”.

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