Purchase Decisions of 79% people in APAC region depend on the Internet

A recent study by BT and Avaya reveals that the purchase decisions of around 79% people in Asia-Pacific region depend on the Internet. Before proceeding for a purchase, they use the internet to do the necessary planning and research. Though a percentage of consumers still depend on information provided by sales agents, more and more consumers are embracing the modern technology which often provides them with timely, personalized access to services wherever they are, at any time of day and through any device.

Around 70 % of the consumers seem to have more knowledge about a particular product or problem than the executive in the organization call center. Most of the consumers feel that telephonic transactions take up unnecessary time, with over 70 per cent viewing typical security measures as a disincentive to calling up customer service desks.

These consumers empowered by an ever-growing list of technologies, continually change the medium through which they contact an organization. Internet is one of the most popular mediums and is used by more than 50% consumers to contact and deal with an organization online. Smartphones are another medium used by around 44 per cent of users to call contact centers to seek advice after they’ve looked things up online or via an app on their smartphone, and 39 per cent have scanned products in store using their smartphone. Another emerging platform is Social Media as around 52 per cent consumers use it to follow a company or learn more about their services and about 56 per cent consumers trust customer forums more than an organization’s website.

“It’s never been more important for brands and organizations to build lasting customer relationships. Pressure to stay up to speed with changing demands is increasing and companies need to look to new technologies to engage with their customers”, Andrew Small, Vice President, unified communications and customer relationship management, BT Global Services, said. “Understanding how customer behavior is evolving will help organizations choose the right technology platforms to be able to satisfy inquiries from increasingly demanding customers.”

via: Telecomtiger

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