Mozilla developing iPad browser "Junior"

Mozilla is developing a new mobile web browser called “Junior” for Apple’s iPad. It will be a full screen experience without any tabs or search bars. The simplified UI of Junior consists of two buttons placed about a third the way up the iPad’s screen. The one on the left acts as a back button, while the one on the right is a plus button that presents users with a list of recent pages, as well as a search screen. Each of the main two buttons can be expanded to reveal a total of six operations on which the development team is working on.

Apart from this, Junior will also have the ability to create separate user accounts. Towards the left of the main navigation page a user will be able to enter a user login menu and there’d also be options for private browsing. In terms of security, users will be able to password protect their account which will ensure that their web history is blocked off from other users on the same device.

Firefox product designer Alex Limi said,””We wanted to make something entirely new. We wanted to look into how we could reinvent the browser for a new form factor”. Currently there are many third-party alternatives to Apple’s Safari like Atomic, Dolphin, Mercury, Opera Mini and Skyfire.

You can check out Mozilla’s demo of Junior in this video below:

Mozilla Junior browser



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