ACL Mobile launches Naukri Bazaar

ACL Mobile has launched a new service “Naukri Bazaar“, India’s first human assisted mobile platform for recruitment of blue and grey collar job seekers. This service aims at accelerating the growth in opportunities for employees and eliminate the challenges of employers to grow and reach new highs. With over 0.5 million job seekers enrolling during its pilot phase itself, Naukri Bazaar has been able to establish itself as a new medium to search jobs amongst the unskilled and semi-skilled workers.

In the current scenario, the job market of unorganized sector is consistently growing with 1.3 million new skilled jobs annually. The skilled job seekers market will reach 219 million in coming times with an unemployment rate of 9.8%. As per the latest report by McKinsey, India will contribute 57% to the world’s new workforce and around 12 million new workforce gets added to the labour pool every year.

This big section of constantly increasing workforce from unorganized sector in India, who are the actual users and in need of this service neither have an access to Internet nor any other authentic  & reliable medium to search for jobs. Looking at the growth of internet there are very remote chances that they will ever be able to use current available online platforms. These people need a medium of their choice which is user-friendly and customized to help them for upgrading their job avenues while assisting them in reaching right jobs, meeting people and scale their salaries.

Apollo Sharma – Vice President (Naukri Bazaar) said,”A big number of employers in unorganized sector which recruits almost 91% of the people in India need a simple solution for hiring their manpower resources whenever & wherever they may reside. Naukri Bazaar is a unique solution for the masses which would change the recruitment game in India at Bottom of Pyramid. This service will be primarily delivered through Human agents which will assist users with their requirements and create an active community of Employers and catering to a common utilitarian need of employment by just dialing 1860-180-6767. This solution enables mobile users to list or search for the jobs and candidates of their interest through the help of a call centre agent. The employers can similarly search and list their candidate requirements on phone through Human Agent. “

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    Excellent Initiative for the masses who do not have a platform or medium to connect to the job market also it should be a very cost effective channel for the employer to fulfill their on-going supply crunch.but awareness is just one challenge and data capture and profiling to the job library next.the real challenges comes in the last minute fitment issues and converting the captured data with a HTD(hire train deploy model) and converting looking at the demographic and cultural and migratory challenges which is the biggest hindrance.

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