Global Mobile Advertising market reached the $5.3 billion mark in 2011

A recent report by IAB ( Interactive Advertising Bureau ) shows that the global mobile advertising market reached the $5.3 billion mark in 2011 and is expected to grow even bigger in 2012. If you look at a region wise break up of this figure, Europe accounts for 25.9% ; North America 31.4%; Latin America 3.5%; Asia-Pacific 35.9%; Middle East & Africa 3.2%.Compared to the 2010 market figures, there’s been a 150% increase in the year 2011.

A more detailed breakup is given in the figure below:

“Hyper-personal and always-on, mobile has a tremendous potential as an advertising medium,” Alain Heureux, President and CEO of IAB Europe said. ” We are recognizing the need for accurate and comprehensive data to support and provide evidence for its future growth. This is not just a local, or even European affair. As many mobile campaigns are played out in a global ecosystem, the market we have to size spans across borders.”

Anna Bager, Vice President and General Manager, Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, IAB said,“As mobile accelerates its global footprint, it is vital that we measure the worldwide and regional opportunities for advertisers. This key IAB initiative provides an accurate gauge of mobile market developments across the globe, with the aim of helping our members and the industry achieve even stronger growth through mobile.”

The IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, an independently funded and staffed unit inside the IAB, is charged with driving the growth of the mobile marketing, advertising and media marketplace.

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