Google unveils revamped Google Maps

Are you travelling to a remote place with no internet and worried about how to access Google Maps? Google has launched an updated version of Google maps on Wednesday which will enable users to access this service offline in places where there’s no internet connection. This upgraded service will be available soon on devices powered by Google’s Android operating system.

How does it help a user? The service allows users to select an area and save a local map which can be viewed when a user does not have a data connection. If a user has enabled GPS, the blue dot will work even when offline. As the user nears the destination, the map remains clear , down to street level.

It can be useful if someone is traveling to international locations and doesn’t want to pay for Internet roaming charges, or for situations when someone is underground or on a plane without data access. Apart from this, Google has an upgraded version of its Street View as well as Google Earth Map. The new Street View has access to more areas where cars cannot go whereas a more detailed three-dimensional Google Earth map will allow users to view as if they were flying over a location.

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