Flurry AppCircle sets new traffic records during May 2012

Flurry AppCircle, the mobile app user acquisition network of Flurry registered 670 million sessions for iOS and Android apps using its paid service. Flurry is a leading app advertising and measurement platform.

Simon Khalaf, President and CEO of Flurry stated that,“Since launching in December 2010, Flurry AppCircle has enjoyed strong, steady growth.Over the last three months, we’ve seen a surge in demand as companies focus more on user quality, seeking out solutions that better engage audiences.”

So what is Flurry Appcircle and how does it help marketers? Flurry AppCircle is the leading performance-based traffic acquisition and monetization network on iOS and Android platforms.It is designed for experienced app marketers who require segmenting, targeting and consumer re-engagement solutions.

Initially marketers can use Flurry Analytics to segment their application audiences by various metrics like demographics, usage metrics, customer lifetime value etc. Once the target audiences are defined, marketers can select the and focus on engaging their most valuable audience segment using Flurry Appcircle. Flurry Appcircle also provides marketers with Re-Engagement campaigns and enables them to reach high-value lapsed users with “win-back” style campaigns. This combined solution of acquiring targetted new users along with re-engagement campaigns provides marketers a quick and effective way to increase their app audience with the most engaged users.

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