Online and Mobile Gaming to Reach Rupees 24 Billion by 2015 in India

Norton revealed in their recent survey that an average Indian netizen spend 8 hours online every day. Time spent on Facebook is used to play social games and that is set to grow higher.

Indian Gaming industry:  INR 10 Billion
Mobile and Online Gaming : INR 4.2 Billion
Console Market : INR 5.2 Billion

An Edelweiss report projects that the mobile and online gaming sector will grow six fold to INR 24 billion by 2015.

Smartphone and tablet usage is slowly but surely gaining ground in India. Internet connectivity is improving as well and once the 3G network stabilizes in India, and 4G is launched, the online gaming industry will get a further boost. Revenue generated from mobile gaming has doubled in the last two years. India’s leading Online gaming portals like, and have great chances to grow, with heightened interest among consumers.

Source : Yourstory

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