Mobile Apps Usage in India 2012

Some interesting stats about mobile apps usage in India from the Mobile Monday Mumbai February 2012 session conducted by Flurry.

– India is the 3rd fastest growing app market in world
– 12% MoM growth in app downloads in 2011
– 6 million Android & iOS devices downloaded 300 million apps in 2011
– 25 billion mobile app downloads in 2011
– Estimating 75 billion downloads in 2012
– Indian user spends 52 minutes per day using mobile apps
– Retention a challenge for apps: 38%, 29% users in 2nd & 3rd month. Games biggest losers after 1st month
– Only 5-10% of users continue to use an app after 6 months of download
– 80% usage / time spent is on Games & Social Networking apps
– Top 5 downloads categories: Games, Entertainment, Utilities, Social Networking, Lifestyle
– US users spend more time on mobile apps then on PC-Mobile web, 94 minutes versus 72 minutes per day

Via: Mobile Pundit

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  1. 1

    Apps are what is needed to make your smartphone smart and unique.Im fond of app creating and find it really helpful to use site like Snappii where i can build apps in minutes.

  2. 2

    I can understand why the Indians play games and use social networking, I myself use that the most too.
    That is a whole lot of users, wow, who would know that these apps travel so fast trough the world, and I just can’t believe that people in the US are so into their apps, more than with the mobile web.

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