Innovative a meeting place for the New Age Indian Woman

“Celebrate your individuality”, is the core idea behind the latest online lounge launched for women across India. The brainchild of Ujala Pandya, aims to be the most rewarding online experience for Indian women where they can discover new experiences, be entertained, network, have inspiring conversations, shop for products at the online store, receive fabulous discount deals, participate in contests, campaigns and surveys and much more.

The founder of the site Ujala Pandya hails from the city of Vadodara in Gujarat and counts both engineering and IT as her forte. Having worked
as a consultant in India and abroad, Ujala specialises in ERP, e-commerce, website development and IT solutions for improving business productivity.

Her new-found mission in life centres on the idea that women are more than the traditional stereotypes dictated by society. Her goal is to elevate women from the stale idea of being just a daughter, wife or mother, to realise their full potential as agents for social action and as enablers in society today. SHiE therefore represents the new age Indian woman and aspires to be a platform that enables every Indian woman to celebrate her individuality.

While SHiE will ‘inspire’ you to be agents of change and enable you to ‘interact’ with your inner self and women alike, the online lounge is also about ‘indulgence’. It’s the place for you to be pampered, reward yourself and feel good about who you are as a woman and as an individual.

Elaborating on the ground-breaking site, the company’s founder Ujala Pandya says, “When you look at the opportunities available to women out there, it’s easy to become discouraged and believe that we can’t impact the status quo. But we aim to show you that you can rise above these accepted norms and make a difference in your life and to community as a whole. So, we are here to encourage every Indian woman to connect with us and become a part of this change.” has also introduced a first of its kind of comprehensive reward system wherein the members will receive reward points for most activities they engage in on the site, including networking and shopping, which they can redeem in exchange for amazing surprises.

Ujala Pandya believes that every woman should be empowered to rise above her mundane daily rituals and interact with her inner self, indulge in the best life has to offer and inspire the world with her leadership and compassion -it is this vision that fuelled the birth of Ujala Pandya continues “The new age Indian woman is beautiful, intelligent and independent. She speaks her mind and follows her heart; she’s breaking free from stereotypes; she’s everywhere, all set to write her own rules and is the master of her own free will. We represent the new age woman who has finally arrived and is here to stay!”

The website and online lounge will also provide avenues for creative exploration to bring out the artist in you. And that’s not all. if you’ve got something to say SHiE gives you the platform to discuss, debate and put your ideas out there. With an integrated presence on social media and iphone/android through SHiE App, the brand attempts to harness the power of modern technology and provide more direct avenues for women to get involved while ensuring greater information flow and, in turn, stronger action. will shortly introduce an online store and deals section, which will offer the best brands and deals to Indian women. The cutting-edge site has also incorporated a survey tool, which will assist Indian brands conduct online surveys in a very economical manner and provide an opportunity to members to voice their opinion on Indian brands.

The site has loads of other exciting features including free advice from experts, useful tools, monthly contests for blogs, forums, fans, photography, inspiring stories and a whole lot more await members and users to ensure their site experience is rewarding! will also collaborate with its members and NGOs to support causes related to women and their empowerment in India. “We’ve planned a whole lot of activities to get the ball rolling. Our Facebook page and Twitter updates will give you the latest news and updates and let you know what we’ve got planned. So get involved and make a step towards positive change and log onto our website,” Ujala Pandya reveals.

It’s a great way for brands, retailers and vendors to get their products and services featured on the hottest site to hit the web this year.

Log onto for more details and information on how you too can be a part of this exciting change! Interact, Indulge, Inspire…

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  1. 1

    Its an nice site for ladies..think they are going to launch their store and deals section soon..hoping to see loads of exciting stuff from these folks!

  2. 2

    Very inspirational story about is an very educational,entertaining and engrossing site which gives wholesome info about women and things related to their daily life … It is a one stop shop for women. For almost everything under the sun….wishing all the best to Ujala and team for stores and deals…hope to read some more interesting article on your site..Keep up the good work…cheers!!

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