Infographic: Top E-Commerce Markets around the World

The growth of online shopping over the last decade has signified the beginning of the information age. E-retail now represents an industry worth hundreds of billion dollars annually. In major online consumer markets, it accounts for a double digit percentage of all retail product sales. In the UK, Europe’s largest e-retail market, online has a 17% market share of total retail expenditure and that number continues to grow. In developing economies, like the group of BRIC countries, the potential of online shopping shows even greater promise.

In India, internet penetration rates are 9 times less than most Western countries. Over the next 5 years, more than a billion people will have internet access for the first time. Fast-growing internet penetration combined with rising incomes means that the e-retail market globally is still only its early stages.

The images show the top six e-retail markets of the world using their B2C sales figures in 2010. The BRIC group of counties is also listed with their respective market data. Also included are the top products/services consumers intend to buy online.


Infographic: Top E-Retail Markets - Infographic

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