Upcoming Event : Social TV World Summit 22-23 May 2012 Royal Garden Hotel, London

Social TV has arguably become a game-changer in the way ordinary people watch TV and many broadcasters see Social Media as a major way to evolve the brand relationship with their audience and drive new revenue streams. Therefore at this critical time we present to you the Social TV World Summit.

Social TV World Summit
22-23 May 2012
Royal Garden Hotel, London

By attending the Social TV World Summit on 22nd-23rd May in London you will discover the future of social TV and have the opportunity to connect and network with the entire industry eco-system and hear from experts at the forefront of this exciting new industry. Please click here to download the full brochure

The impressive speaker line-up at the Social TV World Summit has been handpicked from the leaders of social TV strategies. Karla Geci, Head of Platform Partnerships, EMEA from Facebook will open the conference with her Keynote Case Study on Facebook Driving Social TV Engagement and Simon Morris, Chief Marketing Officer from LOVEFiLM will provide the Keynote address on Evolving OTT Content to Integrate Social Interaction.

The event will also be packed with 50+ speakers from companies such as Shazam, Al Jazeera, Foursqaure, Zeebox, MTV Networks, NBC, BBC and many more.

* WirelessDuniya is a Media Partner at this event

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