Innovative Startup: Discover best Mobile Apps with

Not everybody has got the time to browse the App Store looking for new applications to install on his phone. People usually download these apps that their friends are using, or that get five star ratings on review sites. And they also resort to services like AppAlerts, which let them know about cool apps right as they are released. And now, there’s yet another service for realizing which apps are worthy of your time. features nothing but the best 15 apps that are released every day. iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm… all these platforms are actively supported, and there’s no shortage of categories to choose from. “Entertainment”, “Productivity”, “Finance”, “Education”… these are all featured categories. And the site also lists the most remarkable mobile games that are released on its homepage

Of course, you can browse through these apps that have already been featured on the site by doing a keyword search. And if you find the criteria used by the GreatApps team to be really spot-on, then you can sign up for direct notifications. You do that by supplying some basic personal information, and by submitting both your email and your phone number (for these cases in which e-mail doesn’t work). You also have to specify whether you live in the US or not.


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