Innovative Startup: Tokkster enables Real-Time Chatting on Any Webpage

Website commenting is a popular online activities for many people. A single news article or online recipe can generate thousands of comments from readers.

A new startup called Tokkster thinks that live chatting on any webpage is the next step in the evolution of online interactivity.

Tokkster has developed a real-time discussion platform that enables people who are simultaneously visiting the same webpage to see and chat with each other.

On Tokkster, people can chat privately with other users and they can participate in public group chat discussions. Any user can create new group chat topics, and there can be multiple group chat topics occurring on each webpage at any given time.

Tokkster has a social discovery feature that provides an interesting way to meet new people and to see where people are currently congregating online. There is a section of “top sites” that displays and links to the sites with the largest amount of Tokkster users at that time.

Tokkster is available to websites that want to provide live interactivity for their visitors on their sites. Tokkster is also available as a plugin that people can install onto their browsers to experience the Tokkster functionality on any website.

Tokkster aims to mimic “real world” interactions while maintaining the privacy of its users. As such, only the avatars of Tokkster users are visible to others. Names and other identifiable user information are not displayed on Tokkster.

Tokkster does not track or save users’ browsing history nor do they save the contents of the chats. Once chat conversations have ended, the chat content is deleted from Tokkster’s servers.

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