Apple IPad App: Adobe Photoshop Touch Now Available for iPad

I am a a big Photoshop fan and with Photoshop touch , I believe this will be an amazing experience on my IPad.

Adobe has just release one of its flagship products on the iPad: Photoshop Touch. It is available in Apple’s App Store for the iPad starting today, giving those Adobe Photoshop Touch iPad, who depend on the famous photo-manipulation software a new tool with which to create.

Photoshop Touch first revealed itself back in October at Adobe’s Developer Max conference. The iPad version briefly made an appearance in Australia and New Zealand over the weekend before Adobe and Apple pulled the plug, but it is now widely available around the world, and it costs $9.99 in the U.S.

In keeping with Adobe’s historical partnerships with Google’s Android software, Photoshop Touch first arrived on that software. But Apple’s domination of the tablet market has continued into 2012, making it essential that Adobe release an iPad version of the software should it want to stay current with those who use tablets more and more as primary computers. Adobe did make a version of Photoshop Express for the iPad, but the new version has more features, although it of course can’t compete with its PC cousin.

Adobe also plans to announce a new video service called Adobe Primetime, which it said would make it easier for to create versions of videos that would run on different mobile devices, including iOS, Android, and so-called “smart TVs.” Primetime will be demonstrated Monday at the show, with the first part of the suite, Primetime Highlights–a video-publishing service for the iPad–arriving immediately.

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