Infographic: How People Use Facebook

The whole internet was a-buzz about F-commerce this week, thanks to a Bloomberg article last Friday that prompted reactions Forbes, Get Elastic, Econsultancyand others.

If people aren’t logging into Facebook to shop, what are they doing? This infographic provides some insight. Think about how you might incorporate this data into your social marketing plans.

  • People check their Facebook in bed. How are you going to time your Facebook Page status updates?
  • 70% of Americans are on Facebook. Maybe it’s time to seriously consider using Facebook Login as an authentication tool?
  • People share a lot of information about themselves (including marital status) on Facebook. How could you leverage Facebook Connect to personalize your web experience?
  • About half of young Americans find their news through Facebook. Do you make it easy for people to share content and articles?

Via: Get Elastic Ecommerce Blog

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