Enable Mobile Technologies powers ‘Exam Prep’ & ‘English Guru’ services for Airtel mobile customers

Enable Mobile Technologies Pvt Ltd has announced that it has designed and powered ‘Exam Prep’ and ‘English Guru’ services recently launched for Airtel mobile customers across India. Based on content provided by coaching institute IMSTestPrep, ‘Exam Prep Service’ is an interactive SMS based service that allows students to leverage the power of the mobile device to prepare for a host of entrance exams. On the other hand, ‘English Guru’ is a voice-based language teaching service which teaches English to learners from across 8 regional Indian languages.
Mr. Amit Zaveri, CEO EnableM, said, “As seen globally, today’s mobile users are seen increasingly relying on their phones to do almost everything. From being used for entertainment purposes like listening to music and playing games – the mobile device has emerged as a powerful medium for customers to access a host of utilitarian service capabilities across the areas of commerce, health and even education. Exam Prep and English Guru services are innovations in the same direction and will empower people in all parts of India with the ability to access content to prepare for entrance tests and learn English using their mobile phones – anytime, anywhere.  We are proud to be associated with the availability of this service on Airtel and are confident that customers will see great value in subscribing to services like such”
Priced at a subscription charge of Rs 2 per day – Exam Prep Service on Airtel comprises of a bank of questions related to a particular exam subscribed by the student. Each day, the subscriber will receive instructions, alerts, tips, information and even multiple choice preparatory questions alongwith correct responses. Now available for MBA, GRE, Bank PO and UPSC preparations, the service will also cover other exams like RRB, CLAT, SCRA , CDS Std X, XII, Engineering and Medical Entrance Exams in the future. The innovative Exam Prep Service by Airtel also includes a regular assessment and performance report feature to let the subscriber know about his/her progress.

Sanjay Barretto, Head Marketing – IMS, said “Given the students want to score more and do well at test, Exam prep on Airtel is an interesting platform that allows them to test themselves across various sections and test formats on the go.”. Airtel mobile customers can now subscribe to the Exam Prep Service by dialing *321*550# (tollfree) and start leveraging this learning tool to their benefit.

English Guru on Airtel employs a simple and engaging format to teach the language with short story-based scenarios and situations which reflect real life moments and with which, the learner can also readily identify. The service is based on CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Language) guidelines for English.

Divided into Basic and Advanced levels, the English Guru program has more than 800 minutes of learning and is based on a systematic and gradually progressing approach towards teaching spoken English.  The levels are further divided into various modules and each module sub-divided into chapters. Packing in features like pause, provision for revision, facility to change the language of learning and option of returning from where last left, English Guru also helps the learner realise the extent of his learning with tests at the end of each module. The service maintains an individual report card is maintained for every learner.

Available on subscription service on 55066 (tollfree), English Guru is priced at Rs.30 for 30 days of service with 60 mins of browsing time for Airtel mobile customers. In addition to this, subscribers can top up his browsing time with a top of Rs.20 & 10 giving 40 & 20 minutes of browsing time respectively.

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