Norton Cybercrime Report 2011: Beware of ID theft,can have serious financial implications.

Identity theft is one of the growing concerns in cyber crime in India today.

According to Norton Cybercrime Report 2011, globally 431 million adults experienced cybercrime in 2011 and more than 1 million plus adults became victims every day.

As per the report, India is fast emerging as a soft target for organized cybercrime with four in five online adults have been victims of identity theft in 2011.

Identity theft can have serious financial implications.

“Credit and Debit cards can be applied for in the name of another individual. Fraudulent bank loans could be taken out in the name of the victim. Even a multiple range of debts can be incurred in victim?s name,” says Ian Craig, Managing Director, CPP India.

What are the warning signs?

According to a report shared by CPP India, most identity theft victims don’t realise the fraud until long after the incident and dismiss possible indicators.

Common warning signs include unexpected verification call from a bank or a service provider, warning or notice from a bank, unexplained entries in your Credit Report, unfamiliar purchases in your card statement and debit of small amounts in bank statements – especially the “paise?.

Hence ensure you scan your credit card statements, keep your personal details to your chest and keep a check on your credit report to keep the hacksters at bay.

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