Innovative Startup: Travelomy- A location based service from Ciafo

Ciafo has launched Travelomy, a travel guide that packs features based on rich content, geo-location and social media integration in a way that provides practical and useful information to a traveler. Travelomy leverages web 2.0 technologies to provide better travel information.

Quite a few existing travel guides end up having content which is obsolete and has little relevance left. Travelomy brings real-time and social information feeds to travel content. Travelomy claims their results to be more relevant than competitors like Gogobot but it is still early days to make a clear cut decision.

This feature is currently being rolled out for the 10 most popular cities (6 in India including Mumbai and New Delhi and Kathmandu, Thimpu, Maldives and Colombo overseas) and would be extended to cover smaller, but popular travel destinations in the next couple of months.

Ciafo initially came up with Frrole, a social newspaper based on twitter. Ciafo has been slowly moving up the ladder and has now announced this new service called Travelomy which can be a good monetization option for them.

Frrole is what powers Travelomy. Frrole is the sieve that filters relevant information and feeds Travelomy. Along with Travelomy, Ciafo is also announcing a private-beta release for accessing Frrole APIs.

Currently available at a local level for 20 cities across 7 categories, Frrole would soon extend to around 50 cities and also start offering integrated feeds at a country and global level. And as far as Travelomy is concerned, the team ultimately intends it to be a complete travel destination site, although it currently focuses on being purely a travel guide for the 5 South Asian Countries of India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives.

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