Mercedes-Benz Dynamic & Intuitive Control Experience (DICE) concept shows the future of augmented reality in cars

At CES last week, Mercedes-Benz unveiled the DICE (Dynamic & Intuitive Control Experience) concept.  With DICE, Mercedes-Benz has provided a vision of the interactive, intuitive and simultaneously safe operating experience in premium automobiles of the future.

The complete windshield becomes a brilliant head-up display; the dashboard, a display band. Digital information about the actual vehicle surroundings, points of interest, friends, pedestrians and other vehicles is presented there and a natural interaction by means of gestures is made possible.

For this Mercedes-Benz uses a combination of Augmented Reality and natural gesture control to realize a completely new, exciting form of communication between people and their environment.

The interactive logic of the novel control concept is very imitative of intuitive human behavior. Along with functional aspects it now also involves emotional and social aspects and so creates a unique operating and driving experience.

For example, when one drives past a club, by a simple movement of the hand one can transmit the music playing there by live stream into one’s car. In the same way, local news from social networks, about points of interest, buildings or localities can be retrieved, or news can be left for others.

Vehicles approaching intersections will be virtually superimposed on the windshield to help avoid possibly hazardous situations. To simplify the search for a parking space, mobility concepts like car2go or network information, can be used to proactively identify spaces which will become vacant soon. These are virtually displayed on the windshield, showing the actual environment.

A world first is the context-dependent, place-related presentation of the menu contents “Media”, “Social” and “Places” of the infotainment system as information swarm. Under “Social”, for example, friends from one’s social networks are shown in the 3-D city arranged underneath. The same goes for “Places”, where the personal points of interest like restaurants or movie theaters can be stored. 3-D gestures and the swarm permit dynamic and intuitive control.

Learn more here.

Source: Daimler via Telematics News

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