The all new Sony Tablet S with India specific apps

The Sony Tablet S is an exceptionally built device that’s about the size and weight of an iPad, making it a pleasure to hold. It has many excellent features and apps, and its Android 3.1 Honeycomb operating system makes it intuitive to use, and doesn’t lag. The only issues are that its display is a little smaller than similar Android tablets and it doesn’t allow for internet access via mobile broadband, so if you’re in an area without Wi-Fi, you’ll have no access to the internet. But Sony plans to launch a 3G version this month, which will allow internet access on the move.

The Sony Tablet S sports quite a few features that are a mix of practical and really cool. The practical features are commonly included with Android 3.1 Honeycomb, such as a desktop-like experience, tabbed browsing, video chat, Google Talk and more. Plus, the Tablet S doubles as a superb universal remote control, so you can control your TV, disc player and more. You can access even more apps from the Android Market.

• Only tablets in the world with a unique wedge-shaped design (Tablet S) and Innovative folding design (Tablet P) for enhanced handling and use

• First PlayStation™ certified Tablet ever, pre-installed with bestselling PlayStation™ games

• Unique “throw” feature enables user to wirelessly sync tablet with PC, Home Theatre, TV etc. for sharing and playing files across video, audio, images etc.

• Operate a host of gadgets and appliances using the “Universal Remote” feature (only in Tablet S)

• Loaded with exclusive entertainment applications

• Best in-class display using Sony’s patented TruBlack™ technology

Key Highlights Of SONY Tablet  S:

1.    Innovative design

TABLET S – Unique Ergonomic shape

Moving away from the run-of-the-mill flat-design, Sony Tablet S is designed thoughtfully in a wedge-shape, which is similar to a magazine that’s been folded over. This ergonomic innovation provides a more natural angle for typing and browsing while sitting down.

The design also shifts the Tablet’s weight closer to the palm, which makes the Sony Tablet S feel lighter and more comfortable while reading and watching content on the move.

Attaching the optional specialized cradle (sold separately) changes
Sony Tablet S instantly into a photo frame or digital clock.

2.    Sony’s amazing TruBlack™ display

Equipped with a 9.4 inch LCD screen, the Sony Tablet S  have Sony’s patented TruBlack™ panel which produces more vibrant colors, deeper blacks and totally amazing images, by controlling the refraction of light between the LCD and the screen.

3.    Get the game on with PlayStation

As the world first PlayStation™ certified Tablet, avid gamers get a bonus with Sony Tablets, as they can enjoy playing bestselling games from the original PlayStation® like Crash Bandicoot and Pinball Heroes which are pre-installed on Sony Tablets. Plus there is always the opportunity to download games from the original PlayStation® titles online. There are also thousands of Android™ games to download at Android™ Market. (Games for PlayStation™ Certified devices other than the preinstalled titles are currently not available in India)
Watch gaming demo »

4.    Universal remote feature

The Sony Tablets are equipped with built-in infra-red Universal Remote feature that can help users operate a host of appliances and gadgets, across any brand, be it TV, Home Entertainment Systems or even air-conditioners and washing machines. One can now easily flip channels, adjust the volume of the entire entertainment system, or turn on/off gadgets (only in Tablet S)

5.    Share your content easily – “Unique Throw feature”

Whatever you’re watching or listening to on your Sony Tablets, you can watch or listen to it on your TV, Home cinema system, network speakers and VAIO notebook as well. Use the built-in DLNA media applications and your home network and “throw” your personal video, music clips or photos to Home Entertainment devices, VAIO notebooks, TV etc.
See DLNA and content “throwing” demo »

6.    Specially designed applications for Sony Tablet

a. Videochaska
It offers latest episodes of your favorite shows from Sony Entertainment Television and SABtv in superior quality with interactive social sharing features. With a unique slick design and superior quality video content Videochaska: Entertainment ka Daily Dose is an exceptional experience.

b. Star Player
A premium online Video-on demand service. Star player offers Indian video entertainment on multi digital devices to users for a beyond TV experience anywhere and anytime.

c. Big Flix
It’s a premium Movie on Demand entertainment destination for full length Movies across different languages and genres. The users will be upgraded to Bigflix+ membership where in the entire catalogue of 500+ Premium movies would be made available to them.
Free:  2 Months subscription with Sony Tablet

It is a leading Bollywood entertainment website. Get latest Bollywood news, Films, Hindi songs and movies online. Your access to the best of Bollywood is just a click away. Enjoy movie reviews, Videos, Music, Celebrities, Events, Photos and much more within a single application.

The world’s largest library of Indian Karaoke Music. It is the first Indian Company to aggressively pursue the Indian entertainment market with particular focus on karaoke/sing-along of Indian songs.
Free: 1 Month subscription

7.    Insert your memory card
With a USB (Micro A/B) interface and SD card slot, transferring photos and files is easy.

8.    Easy to use
The Tablets are built for multitasking – browse the web, connect with friends or listen to music while typing away on the large keys of your full on-screen keyboard.

9.    Swift speed and response
Few things detract from the tablet experience more than unresponsive controls and stuttering performance, but Sony Tablet S  delivers brilliantly on both fronts Sony’s latest software technology brings you fast web browsing, an amazingly responsive touch panel. It also features swift and smooth touch experience with “Quick View” and “Quick Touch”.

10.    Unlimited application possibilities
The two Tablets come with a selection of entertaining and informative Android apps to make your everyday experience even more fun and productive. Additionally users can browse and download thousands of Android apps through the Android Market. There’s also instant access to Google™ mobile services and applications including 3D maps and easy web search with Google Voice Search. Download what you want and make your tablet truly yours.

11.    Capture them. Capture yourself
Snap photos and shoot videos of the world around you with a 5-megapixel rear camera. There’s also a front-facing camera for recording your own antics.

12.    Social Feed Reader
Keep in touch while you touch. Social Feed Reader allows for at- a-glance viewing of pre-selected social media updates. (Not all social media services supported by the application)

13.    Accessories
Also on sale are accessories for the Tablet, ranging from Screen Protector, Cradle, Cover, Leather Carrying Case, USB Adapter Cable, Safeguard, Shell, AC Adapter and Bluetooth Keyboard.
a. Screen Protector: Prevents scratches and smudges on the LCD display on your Sony Tablet with a screen protector and enjoy a beautifully clear picture, always. Price: Rs. 1,890/-
b. Cradle: The perfect place to store and charge your Sony Tablet. Choose what’s displayed on screen, froma  desk clock to a slideshow on your favourite photos. Price: Rs. 1,990/-
c.Cover: Protect your Sony Tablet against bumps and scratches with a cover that’ll keep it safe during everyday use. Price: Rs. 3,990/-
d. Leather Carrying Case: Pack your Sony Tablet when you travel in a stylish, hardwearing case. Pick the finish that suits you from a wide selection, including leather. Price: Rs. 6,490
e. USB Adapter Cable: Rs. 1,090/-
f. Safeguard: Rs. 1,490/-
g. Shell: Rs. 1,890/-
h. AC Adapter: Rs. 2,190
i. Bluetooth Keyboard: Rs. 4,490/-

Sony S Price:
3G & Wi-fi
: Rs.33, 990/-
: Rs 29,990/-

Overall a very good tablet but price is something which I feel needs to be brought down. With Blackberry already slashing its Tablet prices, others will soon follow.


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