Innovative Startup : Blippar – mobile augmented reality technology


Blippar, is a  UK based startup which is behind an eponymous mobile image recognition and augmented reality platform.

It is a mobile advertising platform with the power to digitise any real-world product or advert by using markerless image-recognition to convert it into an interactive brand experience.

Whether pointing a phone at the billboard for a film to play the trailer; at a press advertisement to experience a virtual product demo; at an in-store display to download a coupon; or at the product packaging to play an interactive game, blipparâ„¢ harnesses sophisticated markerless image recognition to turn the product or creative into an effective˜marker for an immediate interactive engagement.

The blippar image-recognition technology offers powerful envirofilteringâ„¢ capabilities and near- instantaneous recognition from distance (30 feet away from a 6-sheet poster), at angles (up to 90 degrees), and in various light-conditions

Like other augmented reality startups like Layar and metaio, Blippar’s technology turns a smartphone’s camera into a ‘lens’ that shows virtual information on top of real-life objects, be it a link to a website, a digital coupon, a video or another type of promotion.

Blippar says it has seen hundreds of thousands of consumer downloads in the first 7 months since its debut in the UK, and that major brands like Tesco, Nestle, Samsung and Unilever have already orchestrated campaign ‘blipps’.

Check out the Blipper Video

YouTube Preview Image


You can download the Apple App here and the Android App here.


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