India’s First Deal Review Website Launched

HarDeal allows consumers to review, compare and rate all the deals from the top daily deal websites in India

IT innovation firm Zinosi Professional Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Has launched India’s first deal review website, a website that allows consumers to review and rate deals from the top daily deals websites in India comparatively and also displays the deals from various deal sites on a single page.

“Most users find the sheer number of deal sites difficult to keep up with and have no way to compare across sites. Thus they end up browsing just their favourite deal site and if they don’t find something they like, they don’t look elsewhere. With HarDeal, we’re giving them a concise review of each and every deal. The site’s USP is its rating system which tells a consumer which deals are popular. This enables them to choose a deal of their choice. It’s all about giving more power to the consumer – the power of choice.” said Gurinder Pal Singh, CEO of the company.

The need for such a site has been felt since the deal space has become a fragmented one with individual players not able to corner a larger chunk of the market and stamp their authority. In such an environment, a deal review and comparing website becomes important in trying to find the best deals not only by price, but also by convenience and peer rating. This is where HarDeal snugly fits in.

HarDeal right now reviews and rates deals available in 10 major cities in India – Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi-NCR and Pune. There are many filter and sorting functions available to the users for easy filtering and sorting according to the user’s own preferences. The deals can be filtered by Discount and Website and can also be sorted according to Discount and ‘Hotness’. As of now, the website covers the ambit of service, travel and product deals.

“It’s a very new concept and we have added many innovative features on the website like the hotness meter which measures the popularity of the deals, a google-like search allowing people to search for deals of their interest, ability to email deal details and also full Facebook, Twitter and Google+ integration.” said Mr. Vikram Saini, MD of the company.

The Daily Deal industry in India has shown exponential growth with the top daily deals websites being among the most trafficked website in India according to Alexa website rankings. It will be interesting to see how HarDeal catches on and whether it can see the same kind of traffic. With the large fragmentation and low consolidation across the market, the future however certainly seems bright for HarDeal.

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