Linkedin launches new Group Statistics dashboard

Linkedin has recently launched new Group Statistics dashboard that delivers unique insights into groups. This new dashboard focuses on three areas: demographics, growth, and activity and is available to every group on Linkedin.  The infographic- style display of this information helps to highlight the most important signals needed to understand a group better.

The following figure is from a live group

Demographics gives you information on who’s in the group as well as about the seniority level, function/role, location, and industry of the various professionals in the group.  A glance at shows that 32% of its group members are senior professionals, 64% group members are from the telecommunication industry and 15% of the group members are from New Delhi, India.

This shows how the group has grown over time i.e. the number of the new members added as well as the group’s week-over-week growth rate.

The Activity tab focuses on the professional conversation (comments, discussions etc.) happening in the group. This isn’t just the activity in the group itself, but also the activity of group members. It even lets you know how many group members received a promotion or changed jobs.



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