Tata Docomo VAS revenue surpasses 33% of its entire revenue

Gone are the days when mobile users used mobiles simply for the purpose of having a conversation. Now, with new technological developments, they want internet, entertainment and access to myriads of other services.

To cash in on this growing demand, Tata Docomo has introduced  highly innovative services like Doctor on Call, Family Tracker, Tutor on Mobile and Smart Home solution etc.  Doctor on Call enables subscribers to consult a physician about any  illness or simple health queries, whereas Family tracker uses GSM & GPS technology to know the whereabouts of family members. Smart Home enables users to watch a video of their homes and its surroundings (depending on where you put the camera) from anywhere in the world.

Tata Docomo also offers services like Docomics (comics on mobile), prayer, career counseling on mobile and blood line club. Apart from these, Tata also offers simple services like caller ring back tones and ring tones through several tie-ups with content providers. With all these services, the VAS revenue of Tata Docomo has surpassed 33 % of its entire revenue.

Tata Teleservices Maharashtra Ltd (TTML) partnered with  NTT Docomo ( known in Japan for its very high tech VAS services) and formed Tata DoCoMo.

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