How to increase visibility on Linkedin?

Linkedin is the largest Professional Social Network where you can build relationships with potential customers, clients, peers and partners. To get the maximum benefits, it is most important to remain visible. Some steps that can be followed to increase visibility on Linkedin are:

The Linkedin Profile Box should be complete with the following details:

  • a professional image (to give you more credibility)
  • an attractive headline ( This should contain a short and catchy description about yourself, work that your do etc.)
  • details of the current position and at least the past two positions
  • your education information
  • a link to your twitter profile (Add your twitter handle to your linkedin profile. Share your tweets as linkedin status updates and vice versa)
  • edit your vanity Linkedin URL (

Your profile summary include keywords which are simple yet effective to describe your work and how you help your clients.

Utilise  your existing natural network by adding your colleagues, classmates  and people you may know to your current network.

Your status updates should be timely and relevant to your target market. By sharing relevant stories / news with your connections, you can increase your visibility.

Join relevant target Groups and participate in discussions regularly.  Try and share important news,stories ,resources to increase your visibility.



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