Getting started with Facebook Marketing

We can follow these simple steps to get started with marketing on Facebook:

The following steps can be followed to start marketing on Facebook:

Set up a facebook page

  • Visit
  • Select the category that best describes the nature of business
  • Fill out the basic details like the business / company name, contact details, address
  • Facebook then sends a template of the page which can be customized by putting a profile photo and other details.
  • Post the first status update welcoming fans to the page

Invite your friends

  • Invite friends to like your page.
  • Set up a vanity url (

Customize your page

Convert your existing customers into likes. Use your existing media presence to increase fan base. This can be done by:

  • Sending fan page url  in mailing list, email newsletter
  • Placing fan page url in website, business cards
  • Let fans know about your presence and provide an immediate incentive ( in the form of discount or giveaways) for them to connect


  • Once you have a fan base, provide them with interesting content to keep them engaged. Content can be in the form of text, news articles, videos, photos, polls, Q&A’s etc.


  • Once most of the existing customer base is converted to fan base, you should reach out to others through targeted facebook ads.


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