Facebook News Feed Changes

Facebook has launched a series of changes to the news feed which are designed to keep a user always up to date on important events in their friends’ lives, irrespective of how often they visit the social networking site.

Firstly the “Top News” and “Most Recent” links on the top of of the News Feed have been replaced with a smarter feed that adjusts content based on the last time we checked it. This enables us to see all the big events in our friends’ lives since the time we last logged in. Now, we also have the ability to tweak the top stories in our News Feeds by marking or unmarking updates as a “Top Story”.

Secondly they have changed the image display. Now, images displayed in the News Feed will be larger and more prominent.

Finally a news ticker has been added above the chat column on the right-hand side. This ticker displays the real time feed of all the activities happening in our social graph.  When we click on an item in the ticker, a window with the real time content comes up and thus initiates real time interactions


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