Indian Angel Network – Get your Start-up Venture Funded

Indian Angel Network (IAN) brings together highly successful entrepreneurs and early stage ventures. The goal is to provide a platform for fresh entrepreneurs across the country to interact with successful and established entrepreneurs so that they can receive their guidance towards building a quality and scalable organization.

Indian Angel Network is India’s largest business angel group with successful entrepreneurs and dynamic CEOs who are looking to invest in early stage ventures.

The Network aims at enhancing the success rate of early stage businesses significantly through high quality mentoring, vast networks and inputs on strategy as well as execution.

The idea is to create the first international community of business angel networks and leaders for the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship through the financing of high growth start-up companies with the support of Business Angels worldwide.

The startup entrepreneurs, who require seed capital, will find it easy to secure funds through IAN which provides small business funding for Startup Venture and Early Stage Venture.

The network, founded in the year 2006, comprises of a group of investors who are keen to invest in early stage businesses that have potential to create disproportionate value. The network operates from 4 locations with 20 investee companies in India. It has 125 angel members and all the members themselves are highly successful individuals. These members of the group have strong operational experience and they can guide early stage businesses to create scale and value.

IAN looks at a broad spectrum of investments such as Banking and Financial Services, Clean tech and Water, Agriculture / Food processing, Biotech, Pharma & Life Sciences, Education, High end BPO / KPO, Healthcare, Internet , Media, Entertainment and Mobile VAS, IT products & services, Retail, Travel, Tourism & Hospitality, Telecom & embedded domains and other area that excites Network members.

For those entrepreneurs (or students who wish to start-up on their own), who have a business plan, evidence of the validation of your concept and skill, you can signup to the portal and submit your plan. After that you can get strong understanding of the process with which IAN can help your aspirations to reality.

Source: Indian Web Startups

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