Navigation: Most Desired In-Dash Connected Feature

A new consumer survey performed by ABI Research in the US, UK, France, Germany, Japan, and China shows that connected navigation is the most requested connected car feature for non-users.

“Among those who do not currently use any infotainment services, connected navigation was named as the most desired infotainment service by between 59% and 72% (Extremely/Very Interested) in all countries except China, where the greatest interest was in concierge services.“

”The clear preference for connected navigation can be explained by the familiarity of users with this service,“ explained ABI Research Group Director Dominique Bonte. “Clearly car OEMs need to build their infotainment platforms around navigation, especially as overall awareness levels about other connected car services remain low. On the other hand the high frequency of use of Internet radio among users suggests that car owners embrace new services once they have become familiar.”

According to the research Internet Radio only showed average levels of interest among non-users, even in the US where most major OEMs and aftermarket vendors are heavily focusing on multimedia streaming. Email, social media, and networking integration scored very low. However those using Internet radio already used it often.

This study is clearly confirming what Pioneer surveyed and found a few months ago in their research

Source : GPS Business

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