Social TV – social media meets television is the next big thing

Social TV is a general term for technology that supports communication and social interaction in either the context of watching television, or related to TV content. It also includes the study of television-related social behavior, devices and networks.

Social television systems can for example integrate voice communication, text chat, presence and context awareness, TV recommendations, ratings, or video-conferencing with the TV content either directly on the screen or by using ancillary devices. Social television is very active area of research and development that is also generating new services as TV operators and content producers are looking for new sources of revenue.

While a number of existing social television systems are still at a conceptual stage, or exist as lab prototypes, beta or pilot versions recent systems like Tunerfish or Boxee are available commercially. Philo, Miso, Tunerfish and FanTalkTV are examples of direct-to-consumer offerings, while white-labeled social TV platforms have also emerged (such as LiveHive Systems and Ex Machina’s PlayToTV) which allow TV networks and operators to offer branded social TV applications.

With Social Media playing an important part in the lives if Indians, Social TV will be huge in India. Its a matter of time, when we will see the first Social TV launched in India.

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