Radio Mirchi launches a Bhojpuri radio station on Mobile, makes sense as Bhojpuri content is the second most popular content after Bollywood on Mobile VAS

Radio Mirchi announced the launch of a Bhojpuri radio station today which will be available a through Mobile subscription on 59830. Everything about this product has been customized for the Bhojpuri audiences, including the tag line ‘ee garam ba’, adapted from ‘it’s hot’ positioning of Radio Mirchi. This product will be available as part of the Mirchi Mobile offering.

Bhojpuri content is second most popular content after Bollywood on Mobile VAS and this service will be presently available to Airtel Subscribers but will be  expanded to other Telcom operators later.

Spice Digital which has been powering Mirchi Mobile over the last year is the partner for this offering as well. The Mirchi Bhojpuri feed will be available to subscribers of Airtel initially, and will be expanded to other Telcos soon


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