Gartner Report: Mobile advertising revenue to reach $3.3bn in 2011

Research firm Gartner on Thursday said that mobile advertising revenue is forecast to reach $3.3 billion in 2011 worldwide. This equates to over 100% growth in one year as in 2010 the figure was $1.6 billion. The company said that search and maps will deliver the highest revenue, while video/audio ads will see the fastest growth through 2015.

“Mobile advertising is now recognized as an opportunity for brands, advertisers and publishers to engage consumers in a targeted and contextual manner, improving returns,” said Stephanie Baghdassarian, research director at Gartner. “For that reason, mobile advertising budgets are set to increase tremendously across the various categories and regions, growing from 0.5% of the total advertising budget in 2010 to over 4% in 2015.”

The company said the growth in mobile advertising has been fuelled by the popularity of smartphones and tablets. “Brand marketers who want to include mobile in their advertising initiatives should not delay their trials, and should have their budgets in place now to take advantage of mass consumer adoption of smartphones and media tablets,” said Andrew Frank, research vice president at Gartner.

Google and Apple, the companies behind Android and iOS that power majority of smartphones and tablets, have in the recent years made aggressive moves in the mobile advertising space. Apple in 2010 introduced iAd and started serving advertisements within apps in iPhone, iPad and iPod using the platform.

Google, meanwhile, acquired AdMob in the same year and has used that for showing advertisements in smartphones using Android. In fact, experts say that Google’s whole mobile platform strategy revolves around advertising as the company doesn’t levy any fee on cellphone makers using Android but earns money through mobile advertisements.

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