mHealth: Medic Mobile Pushes Ahead with World’s First Mobile SIM App for Healthcare

Medic Mobile, a non-profit organization and burgeoning innovator in the mobile health tech industry, is adding its latest creation to the heap of groundbreaking mobile tools designed to revolutionize healthcare as we presently know it.

Medic Mobile is behind the world’s first SIM Application for healthcare.

Medic’s new implementation of SIM technology brings data collection to a “new level of accessibility and affordability.”

“People get excited about the iPhone apps because of profit potential. We’re excited about designing SIM applications because of the impact potential,” says Medic’s Chief Strategist Isaac Holeman, who rolled out the red carpet for his company’s creation this week at the Mobile Health Summit. “I can imagine all eight million global community health workers utilizing SIM applications to support their work and improve the lives of their patients.”

The flow of information is vital to healthcare networks and is a constant challenge in the developing world where resources are scarce… Now with SIM apps, Medic is creating simple menu-based applications that function on handsets four times less expensive and operable in the hardest to reach areas.

Medic’s first official SIM app is Kuvela, developed for PSI with support from the Maternal Health Task Force.

Executives for Medic Mobile say their company hopes to lead the mHealth industry in terms of building applications for patients to help them manage their own health by scheduling appointments, accessing remote consultations, alerting the nearest clinic in medical emergencies, and more.

Via: Mobile Marketing Watch

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