Idea Cellular launches VAS product for rural areas in Gujarat

Idea, the pan-India telecom operator and handygo, one of the leading VAS solutions provider, have announced the launch of ‘Behtar Zindagi ‘, the latest bouquet of VAS offerings for customers in rural areas of Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, UP West and Andhra Pradesh.

This innovative product is specially designed to provide day-to-day information to Idea’s rural subscribers.

The subscribers can get information regarding health, education, finance, weather updates, mandi rates, livestocks, agriculture and fisheries.

The product, ‘Behtar Zindagi’, majorly focuses on uplifting the rural section of India.

The service is available in all the respective states regional languages along with Hindi and English.

This unique interactive voice response (IVR) based rural solution by handygo provides credible and authentic information to the rural subscribers.

For the latest and reliable updates handygo has partnered with various organizations such as Care India, Aviva Life Insurance, Indian Metrological Department, INCOIS, Hariyali Kisan Bazaar, Network for Fish Quality Management and Sustainable Fishing, Transparency International India, Sonalika, EKO India Financial Services and plethora of other organisations.

The IVR based rural product is available in all the regional languages along with Hindi and English.

With over 12 million subscribers, Idea is the largest mobile network and has the highest penetration in rural parts of Maharashtra and Goa.

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    With more than 45% of their userbase in rural sector, it is one of the smartest move to test the adoption of services or product which they can replicate in other circle

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